Alpha Spectrometer with integrated MCA


The AlphaSpec1024 is a compact and robust solution for studying the nature of Alpha particles by measuring the energy spectra.

It is a reliable, and easy to maintain device that integrates all necessary electronics such as the detector, pre-amplifier, shaping amplifier, multi channel analyzer, and USB communications interface into a small vacuum chamber.

The unit is powered by a 9V adapter, and also includes a 1mA constant current source for electrolysis applications.

Energies up to 10MeV are split into 1024 bins by the MCA.

*This Product is a modified version of the alpha spectrometer designed by IUAC, New Delhi and released as open hardware. Please refer to the IUAC page for build information

Schematic and Specifications


    Channels : 1024
    Range : Alpha 10MeV Full Scale
    Counter : 16 Million per channel
    Shaping amplifier output for monitoring : 0-3.3V
    Summation counter for total input counts


Detector Specifications:

    silicon PIN detector
    low dark current
    100m^2 active area
    8mm dia circular collimator

The Shaping amplifier output, a Gaussian shaped pulse in the 0 to 3.3V range, is also available on a BNC output port for either visualizing on an oscilloscope, or feeding to an alternate multi channel analyzer.



229-Thorium Spectrum

Calibration against known peak energies

Energy Spectrum of Bismuth-212

Alpha Spectrum of 241-Americium

Gaussian Fitting and Parameter extraction

241Am Alpha Energy Spectrum . Peak at 5.485 MeV

Silicon Detector with Collimator : Vacuum chamber has an 80mm diameter and 30mm depth