Product Overview

The Geiger-Müller counter is an instrument used for measuring ionizing radiation in Experimental Physics, and in several applications that involve characterization of background radiation.

This particular model is designed for laboratory use, and is suitable for various experiments such as 

  • Determination of the plateau and optimal operating voltage of the Geiger-Müller tube
  • Comparison of Poisson and Gaussian distributions
  • Verify inverse square relationship of counts and distance from source, etc.

The integrated OLED display , and joystick controller enable users to set the tube voltage, and acquisition time. A 50 row data table is also featured.

The unit also features a USB interface , and has software compatible with windows > version 7, and Ubuntu >12.04


Detector Specifications

Gas filling Ne +Halogen
Cathode material 446 Stainless Steel
Maximum length (inch/mm) 1.94/49.2
Effective length (inch/mm) 1.5/38.1
Maximum diameter (inch/mm) 0.59/15.1
Effective diameter (inch/mm) 0.36/9.1
Connector Pin
Operating temperature range °C -40 to +75
Areal density (mg/cm²) 1.5 - 2.0
Effective diameter (inch/mm) 0.36/9.1
Material Mica

Pulses viewed on an oscilloscope

Maximum starting voltage (volts) 325
Recommended operating voltage (volts) 500
Operating voltage range (volts) 450 - 650
Maximum plateau slope (%/100 volts) 6
Minimum dead time (micro sec) 90
Gamma sensitivity Co60 (cps/mr/hr) 18
Tube capacitance (pf) 3
Weight (grams) 8
Maximum background shielded 50mm Pb + 3mm Al (cpm) 10