SEELablet : Source and Installation

For beginners to ubuntu

  • Download the communication library and applications packages from the following links
  • Install the gdebi package manager from the ubuntu software centre
  • Right click on the libseelablet-1.0.0.deb package located in the Downloads directory , and open with gdebi . Click on install
  • Right click on the seelablet-1.0.0.deb package located in the Downloads directory , and open with gdebi . Click on install
  • Navigate to the Education menu, and launch the SEELablet program.

* In Ubuntu versions < 14.04  , the pyqtgraph plotting library might not be up to date. In which case download it from here , and install it using gdebi

Installing Debian packages (Automatic Script)

SEELablet packages will be available in the nextDebian release , but for now the packages can be automatically set-up using the following script

wget $URL$LIBNAME -q --show-progress -O lib.deb 
if wget $URL$APPNAME -q --show-progress -O apps.deb ; then
	echo "Fetched Apps... removing previous installation"
	sudo apt-get remove -y libseelablet
	sudo rm -rf /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/SEEL*
	sudo rm -rf /usr/share/seelablet/

    echo "Fetching Apps Failed"

sudo gdebi --n lib.deb
rm lib.deb

sudo gdebi --n apps.deb
rm apps.deb

Create an empty file called in the home folder, and copy the contents of the above script into it

Open a terminal, and execute the following commands.

sudo chmod +x
sudo apt-get install gdebi

This automatically downloads the source packages as well as associated dependencies

Installation from Source

git clone
git clone
cd SEELablet
sudo make install
cd ../SEELablet-Apps
sudo make
sudo make install


Source links : The communication library and applications package source is available on github

Communication Library :

Graphical utilities :

Design files and schematics :