Amplitude Modulation

Electronics Experiments example: Studying a linear amplitude modulator circuit

Analog multiplier ICs such as the AD633 are used for communication applications such as amplitude modulation.

Using the sine wave generators and the oscilloscope of the SEELablet, they can be studied

W2 is used as the carrier, and was set to 4987.5 Hz. W1 was set to 402 Hz , and used as the modulating input. The fourier transform of the modulated output clearly shows that sidebands are formed at frequency(carrier) +/- frequency (modulator)

The utility can be launched from SEELablet – > Electronics -> Communication -> amplitude Modulation

Fourier transform of the modulated output shows a single peak for the carrier, and sidebands with frequencies (carrier +/- modulator ) . Changing the modulation amplitude changes the height of the sidebands. In the figure, CH2 is connected to the modulation input.