A brief introduction to setting up and using the SEELablet :

This device provides an array of test equipment that includes an oscilloscope, waveform generators, frequency counters, Programmable voltage sources etc. along with a computer. The measurement/control functions are accessible from the Python programming language and GUI applications are also available for a variety of experiments. It also has essential applications like Web browser, Office packages and several educational software packages. A monitor, keyboard and mouse are the only external requirements.

Connection diagram for the computer peripherals. An HDMI-VGA adapter is included to facilitate adoption. The device automatically boots when powered, and default login details are provided in the included leaflet


Overview of instrumentation categories : The equipment terminals have been broadly classified, and frequently used I/O have been equipped with durable spring loaded connectors that can accomodate wires/connectors up to to 3mm in diameter . Breadboard friendly jumper wires are included in the accessory set, and these are compatible with the Berg sockets provided for less frequently used inputs .



Durable Spring Loaded Connectors can accomodate a variety of wires/connectors/leads. Simply push down to open, and release after fitting the wire.


A variety of I2C sensors have built-in support. These can be connected in parallel as long as they have different addresses. After connecting, launch the GUI for data logging from sensors, and click on the auto-scan button to auto-detect the sensors.