SEELab – junior

Seelab Junior is device for performing science and engineering experiments. It requires a computer with a USB port, Python interpreter and some libraries. It is a simplified version of SEELablet (that has more features and a built-in computer and which is already available commercially) the development of which started during 2014 (development history), and went through many iterations. Seelab-jr serves as a multipurpose test equipment that functions as an oscilloscope, function generator, frequency counter, data logger and many more essential tools . Plug and Play support is available for a a large number of easily available I2C sensor elements, for measuring temperature, pressure, light intensity, velocity, acceleration, magnetic field etc. The device is fully Python programmable,and the GUI programs are written using the Qt graphics toolkit.  The software is released under GNU General public license and the hardware under CERN open hardware license. The build files are located in a github repository .

The final prototype has been successfully tested and the hardware is expected to be commercially available by January 2017. Even though considerable R&D effort is involved  , the device will be priced moderately (decided by the raw material cost), considering the student community and hobbyists.

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4-Channel Oscilloscope

Monitor multiple analog inputs with speeds up to 2 million samples per second , and user selectable input ranges from +/-500mV to +/-16V.
Powerful analytical modules such as Numpy and Scipy enable complex data extraction with the click of a button! Carefully integrated control widgets allow setting output voltages and frequencies from the scope itself.

Learning by doing

Try out a variety of science and engineering experiments by putting together the necessary control and measurement tools. Featured here are the some examples of electronics experiments involving modulation and damped oscillations.
Convenient data storage and access to multiple formats.

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Visualize, Analyze, and Correlate

Built-in data viewing and fitting utilities enable users to save time by quickly interpreting the acquired data.

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The full set of features!

Designed to handle most Test and Measurement needs of undergraduate laboratories

Analog Utilities

  • 2 x Analog inputs. +/-15V range and programmable range selection(up to 32x gain). 12 bit.
  • 1 x Analog input +/-3V range, amplification via external resistor
  • 1 x microphone input . AC Coupled , 200x gain.
  • 10-bit Oscilloscope. Sampling rate , 2Msps total. Up to 4 channel simultaneous sampling
  • 1 x +/- 5V analog output, with 12 bit resolution
  • 1 x +/- 3.3V analog output, with 12 bit resolution

Digital tools and power supplies

  • 1 x Buffered Digital output
  • 2 x Square wave generators ( 1 Hz to 100 kHz)
  • I2C data bus for plug and play sensors
  • 32-bit Frequency up to 8MHz.
  • Precise time interval measurements
  • Constant Current source, 1mA
  • +6V, -6V / 10mA supply for powering op-amps
  • Internally pulled up 0-3.3V analog input with comparator (SEN)

Miscellaneous features

  • Capacitance measurement : pF to uF range
  • Resistance measurement : up to 100K
  • Programmable Waveform Generation 10Hz to 5KHz
  • Various data logging and monitoring software
  • Graphical utilities for numerous experiments .
  • Under development : WiFi support , and short range wireless sensors