Oscilloscope 1MSPS, 4-channel oscilloscope with trigger and analog gain

Specifications and features

  • Simultaneous acquisition from up to 4-Channels
    • Maximum 2 million samples per second total.
    • Software Selectable amplification stages
    • 10-bit resolution
    • 12-bit resolution available in single channel mode
    • Selectable trigger level and channels
    • Channel 1 can be mapped to any of the analog inputs
  • Analog Inputs:
    • A1 , A2 : +-16V to +/-500mV voltage ranges. Range selectable via software.
    • A3 : +/-3V to +/-20mV : Range selectable via external resistor between Rg and GND.
  • Additional utilities:
    • 2x Programmable voltage sources: +/-3.3 V,+/-5V
    • Sine wave generator: 5 Hz to 5 KHz. Three software selectable amplitude levels 3V,1V,80mV
    • Square Wave generator : 10Hz to 50KHz, 0-5V
    • Digital Outputs : SQR1, SQR2, OD1, CCS
    • Capacitance Measurement. pF to uF range
    • Resistance Measurement.


  • To test the Oscilloscope, Connect the wires as shown in the figure.
  • Set PV1 using the slider or entering the value.
  • Graph of DC will be a horizontal line.
  • Number of cycles displayed can be changed by the Timebase slider.
  • You can explore other features on the right side panel.