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Products: Nuclear and Particle Physics

Alpha Spectrometer: AlphaSpec1K

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Acquire alpha particle spectra with a compact, and easy to maintain design with integrated detector, pre-amplifier, shaping amplifier, multi channel analyzer, and USB communications interface
Simplicity combined with maximum pedagogical value.
Detector Preamp Shaper MCA USB
10 MeV full scale. Preamplifier and shaping amplifier units integrated.
USB powered 1024 Bin MCA included. 16 million counts per channel.
Monitoring outputs for preamplifier and shaping amplifier.
Fully featured Python software and library supplied open-source.
Everything integrated into a compact, 1/2 litre, vacuum chamber

Portable Gamma Spectrometer


2 MeV full scale range

<80keV FWHM @ 1332KeV centroid from 60Co

1024 bin MCA integrated. Fully USB powered unit

16 million counts per channel.

Monitoring output for shaping amplifier.

Fully featured Python software supplied open-source.

Capable of coincidence measurements using our dual parameter MCA

A highly compact USB gamma ray spectrometer. Carry it in the palm of your hand! Product Page Publications

1K/4K Multi-Channnel Analyzer


3.3V/4V Shaped Input. 3uS rise time.

12-bit adjustable threshold

12-bit ADC

1024/4096 channels. Fully USB powered unit

16 million counts per channel

8uS processing time per pulse

Fully featured Python software supplied open-source.

Dual parameter list mode MCA also available for coincidence measurements Product Page

Geiger-Muller Counter


Compact unit

Software designed for Linux/Windows

High Voltages up to 1200V

Avalanche begins at around 1000V

Signals accessible for monitoring on an oscilloscope

A portable GM Counter! Product Page

Wide Presence

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Software Page


Our Open-source software, CNSpec, is supplied with our range of Spectrometers.

Technology for Undergraduate Education


An all-in-one laboratory tool
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  • A tool for learning science by exploring and experimenting.
  • 50 documented experiments and easy to add more.
  • Wide range - High school and above.
  • 4 channel Oscilloscope, 1Msps, +/-16V input range. Programmable voltage ranges
  • Sine/Triangular Wave Generator, 5Hz to 5kHz
  • Programmable voltage sources, +/5V and +/-3.3V
  • Frequency Counter and time measurements.
  • Supports I2C standard sensors
  • 12-bit analog resolution.
  • Open Hardware and Free Software.
  • Software in Python programming language.
  • Requires USB port and Python


Python <-> ATMEGA32 <-> Real World [LEDs, Motors, Sensors...]
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Live User Interface with click-and-explore features
Active monitoring and control of each pin. No compile+upload required
Monitoring utilities built into the bootloader
8 channel ADC with beautiful display gauges
3 PWM outputs, 32 I/O pins, I2C plug and play sensors...
Upload your own compiled C code and use as a serial monitor!