A brief introduction to setting up and using the SEELablet : This device provides an array of test equipment that includes an oscilloscope, waveform generators, frequency counters, Programmable voltage sources etc. along with a computer. The measurement/control functions are accessible from the

Output characteristics of a Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT)

Launch BJT Output Characteristics GUI from SEELablet - > Electronics -> Transistors -> Transistor CE Prepare the experiment based on the schematic and instructions available in the help section. Resultant Data:  The base voltage (thereby base current) is varied and the corresponding I-V curves are plotted.


Stepper Motor Control

4-wire, 2-phase stepper motors can be controlled via digital outputs SQR1,2,3,4 . Since these outputs can only drive currents up to 20mA reliably, users must use push-pull drivers such as the L293B

Micro stepper motors shown below consume low amounts of

IMU Sensor for mechanics experiments

Inertial measurement units such as the MPU6050 can be used to study the motion of mechanical systems. The following code snippet demostrates extracting 3-axis data from the accelerometer, and gyroscope of the MPU6050 sensor

Aim : To study the oscillations of

Wireless Nodes : Battery powered intelligent subunits

Wireless Subunits are battery powered devices with unique communication addresses. They are capable of relaying sensor data, and also include various I/O capabilities.

The 2.4GHz transceiver, and small form factor make it an ideal replacement for interfacing various sensors to