SEELab - 3.0

Successor to ExpEYES-17. Coming Soon...

Previous Installer 6.2.0

Source Code Link: 4.9.0

Installing Via Pip

An all-in-one Test and Measurement tool

A Python powered tool for learning science by exploring and experimenting.

100+ documented experiments and easy to add more.

4 channel Oscilloscope, 1Msps, +/-16V input range. Programmable voltage ranges

Sine/Triangular Wave Generator, 5Hz to 5kHz. Programmable voltage sources, +/5V and +/-3.3V

Supports Add-On I2C/SPI sensors for pressure, humidity, temperature, angular velocity, luminosity, magnetic fields, and more.

Frequency Counter and time measurements.

12-bit analog resolution. Fully calibrated

SEELab 3.0 is the upgrade to ExpEYES17. It features a 40 pin connector, with an integrated breadboard slot for ease of use. External sensors can be connected via a single AUX cable.

Android App - Interactive and Dynamic Circuit Schematics

Create circuit diagrams in Inkscape/PS and save as plain SVG

Open with the SEELab3 Android app, and watch dynamic content being generated

Text such as PV1, WG, A1 are replaced with controls, and meters. Intuitive User Interface.

Automatic parameter sweeps, and graphs are also enabled

I2C sensors can also be added . e.g `BMP280:1` will render as a pressure guage

Derived parameters can also be input as equations !

On the right is a schematic diagram for a diode clamping circuit.

This feature is under active development, and 30+ electronics schematics have already been added to the app.
Separating DC from an AC signal
AC Generator demo
AC Pickup
Resistance of the Body
Diode Clamping
Diode IV Characteristics
DIY Electrocardiogram
/assets/images/seelab3/int/full wave rectifier.svg
Full Wave Rectifier
Lemon Cell Battery
Lemon Cell
/assets/images/seelab3/int/Ohms Law.svg
Ohm’s Law
/assets/images/seelab3/int/Output Impedance.svg
Output Impedance
Pressure Measurement with BMP280
Study of Sound
/assets/images/seelab3/int/bridge rectifier.svg
Bridge Rectifier
/assets/images/seelab3/int/diode clipping.svg
Diode Clipping
/assets/images/seelab3/int/Echo Module.svg
SR04 Echo Module
/assets/images/seelab3/int/LIDAR (VL53L0X).svg
VL53L0X Lidar
Inverting Opamp

Tutorial : Creating interactive schematics

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