SEELab - 3.0

Successor to ExpEYES-17. Coming Soon...

Previous Installer 6.2.0

An all-in-one Test and Measurement tool

A Python powered tool for learning science by exploring and experimenting.

100+ documented experiments and easy to add more.

4 channel Oscilloscope, 1Msps, +/-16V input range. Programmable voltage ranges

Sine/Triangular Wave Generator, 5Hz to 5kHz. Programmable voltage sources, +/5V and +/-3.3V

Supports Add-On I2C/SPI sensors for pressure, humidity, temperature, angular velocity, luminosity, magnetic fields, and more.

Frequency Counter and time measurements.

12-bit analog resolution. Fully calibrated

SEELab 3.0 is the upgrade to ExpEYES17. It features a 40 pin connector, with an integrated breadboard slot for ease of use. External sensors can be connected via a single AUX cable.