Gamma Spectrometer

Portable USB powered Gamma spectrometer

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Tested on Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows 7/10

Previous Installer 6.2.0

Main Features of the GammaSpec spectrometer

2 MeV full scale range

<80keV FWHM @ 1332KeV centroid from 60Co

1024 bin MCA integrated. Fully USB powered unit

16 million counts per channel.

Monitoring output for shaping amplifier.

Fully featured Python software supplied open-source.

Capable of coincidence measurements using our dual parameter MCA

The gammaspec is a highly compact portable spectrometer which is fully USB Powered. Carry it in the palm of your hand!


Title Journal Author(s)

Indigenously developed gamma spectrometer

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Gamma Spectra of Non-Enriched Thorium Sources using PIN Photodiode and PMT based Detectors

Physics Education-IAPT Volume 38: No 1. Jan-Mar 2020

Jithin B.P. , Swapna Gora
V.V.V. Satyanarayana , O.S.K.S Sastri & Ajith B.P.


Calibration using known sources

Dual point calibration with Cobalt 60

Cobalt-60 forms 2 photopeaks due to the gamma rays emitted with energies around 1173 and 1332 keV. This makes it ideal for a 2 point calibration. The calibrated instrument can then be used with other sources such as 137-Caesium, 22-Na, 57-Co etc which are part of the standard enriched source kit available from BRITS

Isotope identification

Cs-137 spectrum acquired with a calibrated instrument

The calibrated instrument can be used to acquire spectra from unknown sources, and the gaussian fitting utility be used for locating centroids of identified photopeaks. In this image, Cs-137 has been identified since its known photopeak energy is 662 keV.

Flow diagram for the instrument

All signal processing stages as well as a 1K MCA is included with the detection system

Monazite Sand

Spectrum from naturally occuring monazite sand found in the beaches of southern India.

More Information

Software Page


Open-source software, CNSpec, is supplied with the instrument.

Coincidence Measurements with minimal added cost

The MCA is designed to emit a programmable width digital pulse per event, and also accept digital input pulses which will then act as secondary discriminators for recording events. Demonstrable coincidence results can be obtained using just a cable connected from one spectrometer to the other.

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