GM Counter

A portable Geiger-Muller counter with USB connectivity

Main Features of the Geiger-Counter


Compact unit

Software designed for Linux/Windows

12 Volt adapter

High Voltages up to 1200V

Avalanche begins at around 1000V

Signals accessible for monitoring on an oscilloscope

A portable GM Counter!

Access via a serial terminal

Commands for serial port based control. BAUD 115200 . 8N1

All commands must be terminated with a carriage return. e.g. COUNT?\r

COMMANDS Description
TIME 10 Set 10 seconds window for counting
START start the counter
TIME? elapsed time
STOP stop the GM Counter . Automatically stops on timeout.
VOLTS 500 set 500 volts
VOLTS? read voltage
COUNT? read total counts and elapsed time in mS
V? Short version
VER? read version string “cspark research GM Counter x.x”
Software includes a built-in Python interpreter for programmable acquisition sequences. Example code provided for acquiring and plotting counts in a 60 second window for voltages ranging from 200V to 1000V.
Downloads for GMCounter
Tested on Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows 7/10

Installing on Ubuntu

Download the .deb file and install it using gdebi package manager. You can also install it from the terminal

sudo gdebi gmc-1.0.0.deb

It will now be listed as ‘GM Counter GUI’ , and can also be launched from the terminal by executing the command:


Using the Python Library

import time
from gmcounter import *
print(get_version()) # returns version
getCount() #Returns counts, time, time(ms)

query('VOLTS 600')	#Set 600 Volts. Please note that using an external multimeter will perturb the voltage reading and cause it to sag.
print(query('VOLTS?')) # Read the voltage . query can be used to execute any command listed in the table above
query('TIME 20')	#Set 20 seconds window for counting
query('START') # Start counting . 

time.sleep(20) # wait 20 seconds
print(query('COUNT?')) # Read the total event counter, and elapsed time.

Please read the user manual for further details