Object Tracking With Opencv and Blockly

Create programs to analyze camera data.

Brief Summary
Create programs to analyze camera data and track objects such as simple pendulums to extract position.
June 23, 2022
Jithin B.P.

Experimental Feature. Computer Vision

Record and manipulate images recorded from the front/back camera. There are several simple graphical blocks that allow students to process camera frames, such as get_frame, to_grayscale, get_blobs etc.

How-To Video

The video below shows how to attach blocks together in order to get an object detection preview running

Extract location information of a pendulum

  • In order to track the X position of an oscillating pendulum, we use the object tracking to locate its position, and add the coordinate to a timestamped list
  • Following the data acquisition process, we plot the acquired data, and also fit it in order to extract the frequency.

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