Scanning Radar with a Servo Motor and the VL53L0X

Create a surroundings mapping tool using the VL53L0X distance measurement sensor

Brief Summary
VL53L0X is an easily available optical ranging module with an effective range of around 1 meter. This is mounted on a servo motor, and a small code snippet measures the distance to the neasrest obstacles at different angles. This data is then plotted in a polar plot with Blockly.
June 23, 2022
Jithin B.P.


VL53L0X Light based distance measurement sensor

Plug the sensor to the I2C port by connecting 5V, GND , SCL, and SDA pins. Place a reflective object in front of this sensor such that the invisible laser pulse emitted from the sensor can bounce back towards the sensor. The object does not have to be a mirror. Any light coloured item will do, such as even a tennis ball.

Servo Motor with SQ1

The SG-90 Servo motors can be controlled using PWM signals with a frequency of 50Hz, and a pulse width of 500 to 2500 uS . The pulse width can be adjusted to control the angle of the servo motor.

The above code was made using Blockly to gradually rotate the servo, and measure the distance to the nearest obstacles using the VL53L0X LIDAR. The polar plot block was then setup to plot this in a familiar radar view.

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