Getting Started with ExpEYES-17

A beginner's guide to using the ExpEYES kit

Brief Summary
The ExpEYES-17 is a powerful science kit, which can be used to learn and teach Science from high school to graduation level.
December 19, 2019
Karthik J


ExpEYES (an acronym for Experiments for Young Engineers & Scientists) is a science kit designed for students to learn science by doing science. It has a wide range of experiments from high school level to post-graduation level. This short series of posts will help you get started with the ExpEYES-17 box.

The terminals

At this point, we shall ignore the technical details of the kit, and learn as we go through the various experiments. However, one thing to keep in mind is, the terminals on the left (see the image below) are output terminals, whereas the ones on the right are input terminals. In both cases, the black terminals are grounded, which means that all voltages are measured with respect to these terminals’ voltage.

ExpEYES-17 terminals

The basic experiments which can be done at school level are:

  1. Measuring DC voltage
  2. Measuring Resistance
  3. Measuring Capacitance
  4. Resistance by Ohm’s law
  5. Direct and Alternating Currents
  6. AC mains pickup
  7. Separating AC and DC

These experiments are basic experiments which would help students to learn how to measure various parameters accurately. Once you’re acquainted with doing these measurements, you can design your own experiments using the features of ExpEYES-17. Some of such experiments which are documented in the user manual are:

  1. Conducting Human body
  2. Resistance of Human body
  3. Light Dependent Resistor
  4. Lemon Cell
  5. Simple AC generator
  6. Transformer
  7. Resistance of Water
  8. Generating Sound
  9. Digitizing Sound
  10. Stroboscope

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