School Level Experiments

A collection of elementary experiments to understand fundamentals

Brief Summary
There a dozen different experiments in the ExpEYES app which help students understand various concepts such as AC/DC, resistance of the human body, voltage from a lemon cell, mutual inductance etc
July 08, 2017
Jithin B.P.

List of Experiments

  • Measuring DC voltage
  • Measuring Resistance
  • Measuring Capacitance
  • Resistance by Ohm’s law
  • Direct and Alternating Currents
  • AC mains pickup
  • Separating AC and DC
  • Conducting Human body
  • Resistance of Human body
  • Light Dependent Resistor
  • Lemon Cell
  • Simple AC generator
  • Transformer
  • Resistance of Water
  • Generating Sound
  • Digitizing Sound
  • Stroboscope